IMG_1119 Regular hours of our Thrift Shop 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Wednesday thru Saturday.

The next $2 Bag Days will be on December 20 and December 21st; includes clothing and shoes only.

The Thrift Shop will be closed from day end December 21 over Christmas and New Year’s to Re-open Wednesday, January 8. 

May you celebrate with hope and wonder this Christmas Season. Merry Christmas!

The Thrift Shop thanks you for your support and generous donations of used goods. There has been some very interesting and quality items come into the Thrift Shop.  Please drop in.

Volunteers are always welcome to join in our community outreach program. Call the office at 250-836-4390 for information regarding volunteering or donating goods to the shop.

We do not accept mattresses and upholstered furniture unless it has been inspected and approved by Thrift Shop staff. Please be aware that dropping these goods off without prior approval puts added stress on our volunteers and adds a significant portion of our revenue being spent on dumping fees for goods that should have been taken to the landfill. Your help in this matter is appreciated.